Each seminar is taught by Master Agustin S Cuascut with the assistance of C.A.M.A. black belt students.  Master Cuascut has 42 years of martial arts experience and is a certified Black Belt in Taekwondo (Master Rank), Hapkido (Master Rank), VoViNam, JuDo, US. Army System of L.I.N.E. Fighting (Instructor), NRA Handgun Instructor and CPR/First Aid.  The curriculum is grounded in the C.U.T. System (Combat Universal Techniques) which is designed to teach the individual combat concepts found in various martial arts systems.  The system is based on the striking techniques of Taekwondo and VoViNam, joint manipulation and escapes from HapKiDo and off-balancing, sweeps and ground fighting techniques from JuDo.  

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Self Defense Seminar

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